KL.FM Off-Air, by Darren Taylor, March 7, 2017

Cyclist athletes riding a race at high speed
Cyclist athletes riding a race at high speed
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I don’t think I’m a particularly grumpy person. I try to get along with everyone and ‘live and let live’.

I was lucky enough to visit Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago and one thing that really struck me, aside from the stunning architecture and the warmth of the people, was the huge amount of people on cycles who managed to get around the city in pretty much perfect harmony with pedestrians.

I couldn’t help compare this to my recent experiences dodging cyclists hurtling through the Vancouver Quarter and also The Walks. Don’t mistake this as an anti-cyclist rant, but as I sat enjoying a drop of Heineken, I couldn’t help thinking wouldn’t it be nice if we could all rub along a little better in town. Just recently I feel like I’ve seen more and more cyclists in the town centre and, sadly, I’m not just talking about young children who might not know better. Meanwhile in The Walks, I’ve had to quickly get out of the way for any number of Bradley Wiggins wannabes who seem to think they’re on a velodrome, not a public park designed for the enjoyment of everyone.

But my biggest and grumpiest rant is reserved for cyclists who use the pavement. I’m afraid if you’re going to assume you not only have a right to be on the pavement (you don’t) and you’re more important than pedestrians (you’re definitely not) and you then have the cheek to ring your bell to try to get me to move out of your way, my understanding only goes so far.

OK, rant over and let’s finish on a positive note. As we head into the spring we’re not only about to see the formal start of the long-awaited Business Improvement District, but we should also be celebrating the exciting news about King’s Lynn being awarded ‘Heritage Action Zone’ status by Historic England. There’s no doubt that momentum is with the town and while there is still much work for all interested parties to do, we are certainly as a town moving in the right direction.