KL.FM Off-Air by Darren Taylor, May 5, 2015

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It’s been a busy few weeks at KL.FM and by the time this article is published, our sales director Lisa will have joined thousands of others in running GEAR.

What an incredible event this has become for our town and it really helps to put King’s Lynn on the map. Since I stopped playing football about 15 years ago I haven’t been particularly sporty and my involvement in GEAR has traditionally been nothing more exerting than standing in The Walks cheering on friends who have taken part, but there’s a little voice in my head telling me that it might be fun to try to take part next year.

I’ve been giving some thought to getting more exercise recently and now that the warmer weather is here, it probably is time I did something a little more energetic than just walking my dog. To do that, of course, I would need to really change my lifestyle and drag myself away from the comfort of the sofa but perhaps it’s time I forced myself to do just that.

I once went on a training course that was called something like ‘Don’t be afraid of change’. Over the years I’ve seen all sorts of business trainers and been on all sorts of courses, but this one has always stood out in my mind because change is instinctively scary and something that I, like many people, didn’t always find easy to deal with.

I can’t say that two days in a training room in Coventry was too exciting (I think it was in Coventry, it was such a boring hotel with a view of a carpark and a motorway that it could have been anywhere to be honest). But the course did help me to handle change better.

And it’s been very useful over the last few weeks because there have been a lot of changes here at KL.FM. Adam has moved on with his radio journey, Simon has moved back on to the Breakfast Show and Ross has joined our news team. Meanwhile, Charles has gone off to New Zealand for four weeks so you’ll be hearing a second Simon (or Nicksy as he’s known) on air for a few weeks. If this wasn’t confusing enough we’ve also got local lad Wayne on air in the evenings and a brand new soul show featuring two really well-known local blokes called Alistair and Mark now on Sunday evenings.

So plenty of changes happening here but, as I was told all those years in Coventry, embrace the change and it will work for you. Although when I put that down in writing, it sounds a bit weird. But the more I think about those 10 kilometres of GEAR, the more I think it’s a great goal to aim for.