KL.FM Off-Air, by Darren Taylor, MD, March 22, 2016

Train leaving King's Lynn Railway Station ANL-160316-152627009
Train leaving King's Lynn Railway Station ANL-160316-152627009
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There has been much discussion recently about the rail link between King’s Lynn through Ely to Cambridge and on to London. The much needed improvements to the line at Ely North junction have been delayed, and Network Rail seem to be stalling and sending out mixed messages about both what needs to be done, and when it can be done. As chairman of King’s Lynn Town Centre Partnership I’ve worked alongside many other groups to campaign for half-hourly trains to run all day. I believe that improvements to our transport infrastructure are vital for this area’s continued economic growth.

It seems that everybody from business organisations to local authorities and from private individuals to the rail users body all agree that we need half hourly trains. There’s no argument either from the rail companies or the government and while the cost for the work runs into millions of pounds, it’s a relatively small sum compared to other transport projects.

But of course we all know that just wanting something to happen doesn’t make it so. The Town Centre Partnership will continue to bring whatever pressure and influence to bear and I would ask anyone reading this to add your weight to the argument by contacting Network Rail and telling them what you think.

On a somewhat lighter note, I’ve always loved the Easter holiday and, while it may be heresy to say this, I much prefer it to Christmas. There’s so much pressure and expectation to make Christmas ‘perfect’ whereas Easter is much more relaxed. The weather is generally nicer, the days lighter and I’d rather eat lamb than turkey any day!

At KL.FM, Easter always means the annual Easter Egg appeal which is now well under way. Simon and the team have been busy collecting eggs for less fortunate children in our area and, once again, the West Norfolk public have been incredibly generous. Simon will be busy for the rest of this week visiting lhospitals, children’s homes and also the North Lynn Discovery Centre distributing hundreds of eggs and, hopefully, helping every child in our area to have a Happy Easter.

Away from all the chocolate, KL.FM recently held the first of what will be a number of Listener Panels when we invite a group of listeners to talk openly and honestly about what they like, and don’t like, about the radio station. Music is, of course, very subjective and everyone has a different opinion of what makes a good radio station, but we really value feedback and comments and we’re always striving to improve and be the best we can. We’ll be hosting another Listener Panel later in the year, but before then if you have any comments, please feel free to get in touch with us.