KL.FM Off-Air, by Emily Bull, April 21, 2015

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It’s all a bit political at the moment isn’t it?

You can’t go anywhere without seeing debates and arguments.

The parties have all got their little buzzwords and phrases to try and squeeze into every possible topic of conversation and let’s not forget the local council elections are on too!

It’s such an important election, and the issues are so big that it’s easy to be a little overwhelmed, and I will admit I still haven’t made my mind up 100 per cent on who I’ll be going for.

I think the important thing, though, is that I do make sure I vote. Even the safest of seats would change hands if people all went to the polling booth and put pen to paper, so make the most of your rights. It’s 2015 and in many places around the world people don’t get any kind of say on who makes the decisions that will make or break their lives. Personally I’m so incredibly grateful to the women who fought long and hard to get me my vote and I think of them when I see my polling card at home in the letter rack.

If you can’t stand the idea of seeing politicians squabbling then head to the KLFM News pages as we’ve done something very different to try and give you a clear view on what each party stands for on the big issues, and some of the small ones.

Although my focus is very much on May 7, I’m also looking forward to the big events of the summer. May 22 is KLFM’s Bring a Pound to Work Day and I’ll be out on the road with my very good friend, Super Trooper Bear, visiting as many of the people who have signed up to help as possible. It’s going to be an amazing day and will raise thousands for charities and good causes in this area. Make sure your school or business is signed up and I’ll see you next month.

The guys at KLFM are all very excited about the Big School Disco in June. As presenters they talk to tens of thousands of people every day but the KLFM Events are the nights when they get out into the crowds and get to meet you all. Plus it’s a fabulous excuse to dress up and have a few ales. Tickets are really starting to sell so get yours and come and hang out with Naughty School Boy Simon, Charles the Prefect, and myself, Headmistress Emily, who will be trying to keep them both in line.