KL.FM Off-Air by Emily Bull, February 3, 2015

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Well this has been a rather exciting week for me, so please excuse the sheer number of exclamation marks that are about to follow.

First thing, I’m off to London to rub shoulders with radio journalists from all parts of the UK, and some very big names in the industry.

This is because I’m one of three nominees for the Newsreader of the Year Award!!! It covers every commercial radio station from Aberdeen to Cornwall that have less than a million listeners.

That’s basically all of them except the national stations, and ones that cover the very large cities like Manchester and Birmingham.

Short version, if you read the news on the radio, this is the big one. This is the award that I have dreamed of since University.

One thing I did not expect, but has been possibly even sweeter than being nominated, was the sheer number of lovely messages I’ve had from colleagues and ex-colleagues, from friends I’ve not spoken to in ages, and from our lovely listeners.

I feel very loved right now and that is wonderful.

Second big bit of news from me. My role here is changing… I can’t say a lot just yet, but I will still be on in the mornings with Adam. (No way to get rid of me now I have my nomination!) It’s going to hopefully make life for lots of people in West Norfolk a bit better and mean you’re hearing from me a lot more. More soon!!

Sadly I am losing Charles from the news desk. He’s going across to the Dark Side, or as you might know it: Presenting.

His new show on KL.FM will start in a few weeks and I wish him the best of luck with it. It’s going to be very strange reading the news on his show actually.

Sticking with news, we’ve had a few big stories recently – lots of change, lots of investment, anyone would think there is an election on the way!

Speaking of which, we’re starting to consider our election coverage. We have to find a way to hold the likes of Liz Truss and Henry Bellingham plus all the lovely candidates to account. I have to grill them on their policies, and get through the spin.

But given that I have a maximum of two-and-a-half minutes an hour, and given that I have a LOT of people to pull a Paxman on, I have to find a way to do it that’s not boring. After the success of our yes or no answers for the EU elections, expect something unconventional and exciting from us to help you make your choice come May.

The weather will be staying cold, so keep listening to me in the morning for advice, but if you can knock on a couple of doors on your street and just make sure your elderly neighbours and those with small kids are ok, well that would just make the world a slightly nicer place.