KL.FM Off-Air, by Ross Birkenshaw, May 3, 2016

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How are your feet? Legs still aching? If they are, you’ll probably still recovering from taking part in this years’ GEAR around the historic streets of King’s Lynn. Thousands of you donned your running shoes to raise thousands of pounds for charity, including our very own Charles Dennett. Well done and congratulations if you took part.

Since my last column, one issue in particular has been on the agenda in the King’s Lynn News Centre, transport. It started when we found out Stagecoach Norfolk – formerly Norfolk Green – had increased their bus fares, some by as much as 125%. This sparked outrage, with scores of people getting in touch saying how disgusted they were at being forced to pay more for, what others describe as a deteriorating service. A few days later, parents across West Norfolk contacted ourselves to complain about a rise in school bus fares, with very little notice. Our local MP Sir Henry Bellingham also stepped in calling for urgent talks with Stagecoach management. There was an eventual “sorry” from the bus company.

We’ve also discovered the long running saga over improvements to train services to and from King’s Lynn have hit yet another delay. Last year Great Northern Trains promised newer rolling stock on the Fen Line “this summer” which was welcomed with caution. However in the last few days it’s been announced the new carriages won’t appear on our services until December. Yet again another frustrating delay in getting the service West Norfolk deserves. Both of these instances highlight just how important good transport links and services are vital if the area is to see the economic growth and prosperity that can be achieved.

On a lighter note, this week marks my one year anniversary working at KL.FM and living in King’s Lynn. It hardly seems a whole 12 months have gone by since I walked through King’s Lynn for the very first time and just amazing I’ve worked on so many brilliant stories. I’d like to just say thank you to everyone at KL.FM, you are all brilliant and I’ve never worked with such a great bunch of people. Also thanks to everyone who I’ve had the privilege of meeting, interviewing and speaking to either through work or when I’m off-air. Thanks and here’s to another brilliant year.