KL.FM Off-Air, by Ross Garrigan, August 30, 2016

Ross Garrigan, of KL.FM ANL-160829-141957001
Ross Garrigan, of KL.FM ANL-160829-141957001
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Our house is essentially a zoo. The problem with falling for one sob story is that you find yourself going along with all of them. There’s a Lost and Found page for pets on the KLFM website but I don’t dare to look at it because I’ll end up getting a credit card and racking up thousands of pounds worth of debt building a home for them all.

On Sunday the 21st of August, I was invited to a dog show at Millbridge Care Home in Heacham. It’s something they’ve done for years and it’s a big hit in the village but I’d never been.

What could have been quite a dull afternoon watching posh people walking fancy breeds in circles was actually a lovely few hours in beautiful gardens, enjoying some gorgeous sunshine and chatting with strangers who you felt like you’d known for years.

Small, local events like this are the bread and butter of any community and they almost always end up being more fun than you expected them to be. That’s why we make so much effort to ensure that KLFM can be at as many of them as possible.

Perhaps it’s something in the air in West Norfolk but more often than not, even the grumpiest looking passer-by will smile and say hello if you do it first. We actually adopted a second dog last week (a Dalmatian/Springer Spaniel cross called Spot – imaginatively) to give us another excuse to get outside and enjoy the scenery and company which surrounds us here but we seem to take for granted and ignore day-to-day.

There’s a lady in the parking booth/ice cream shop in the car park at Holme beach who sums this up almost perfectly to me. We walk Derek (and soon Spot) there quite often and every time, we hand her the three pounds or whatever it is to park and have a good old chat about the weather or the tide times or something else equally inane but we enjoy it every time. How many other places in Britain would you find a car park you look forward to visiting? She’s only one example but I bet that even with your children screaming in the car, your phone ringing constantly and everybody at work trying as hard as they can to wind you up, there’s someone different every single day that makes you take a moment and smile to yourself. If that someone can be one of us on KLFM then that’s even better.

We live in a gorgeous part of the country but I think the stress of life means we forget that sometimes.

My advice? Call a local rescue centre and adopt a dog. You’ll meet the nicest people and see parts of West Norfolk you’d forgotten exist. But please clean up after it!

And when it rains? Find an umbrella. The dog won’t care.