KL.FM Off-Air, by Simon Rowe, April 5, 2016

KL.FM Toy Appeal colection at Sainsbury Store Hardwick King's Lynn, Drivetime Presenter Simon Rowe ANL-141213-184945009
KL.FM Toy Appeal colection at Sainsbury Store Hardwick King's Lynn, Drivetime Presenter Simon Rowe ANL-141213-184945009
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‘Ay Caramba’ what an amazing night last Friday at the Alive Corn Exchange in King’s Lynn. I’ve never seen the place so rammed full of people having a good time, dressed up, dancing and partying the night away. In case you weren’t there you missed what I hope is going to become a permanent fixture in the Corn Exchange’s and KLFM’s diary, Nothing but the 90’s; was the best KLFM night yet in my opinion. It wasn’t just the amazing music played by all of the KLFM presenters, it wasn’t just the most superb live sets from our live band ‘Brit Pop Reunion’ but the atmosphere created by a complete sell-out crowd enjoying themselves on a Friday Night in a superb venue. Everyone goes on about how great the 80’s were and just how good it was in the 70’s but the 90’s came up trumps for sure on Friday.

There are pictures of the evening on KLFM’s Facebook right now and I promise they are worth a look, some amazing people came to the party, Edina and Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous, Posh Charles and I were on the decks dressed as Homer and Bart Simpson, I spotted a few Marios, some Fresh Princes, some Power Rangers, a few Teletubbies, The Mask and despite there only being five Spice Girls probably around 50 of them, I loved the Union Jack dresses. If you made the effort to dress up I can’t thank you enough for making what was a brilliant night even better, it really was one to remember.

To see the pictures, visit Facebook.com/klfm967

The evening always goes by to fast at these parties and the 90’s night was no different but there is always an added extra if you don’t get in the car and head for home straight away. Many a year ago it was pretty standard for me frequent the establishments of Norfolk Street, most notably the fast food shops after a night out and that’s exactly what I did after this party. There’s something quite amusing about seeing Sonic the Hedgehog order a kebab, Buzz Lightyear trying to get a cab and Ali G talking to Dipsy outside Chicago’s before heading home, this always guarantees a little smile whilst eating some cold chips and slightly nice chicken.

Our next big night is ‘Back to 80’s’ at the Alive Corn Exchange, this one is always awesome and takes place on Friday 9th September. The Wild Boys will be back with a couple of live sets and of course it’s another excuse to dress up and make a fool of yourself on the dance floor.

Finally I’d just like to say thanks for listening to KLFM Breakfast with Si, I’ve been back on in the mornings for a year now and I am proud as punch to say the show is the Number One Breakfast show in the area and now has more listeners than EVER in KLFM’s history. Here’s to the next year and many more party nights at the Corn Exchange.

Thanks again!