KL.FM Off-Air, by Simon Rowe, May 12, 2015

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It’s easy to criticise something isn’t it? It’s easy to find fault!

It’s so much less hassle to be negative than to think about all of the positive things you could say about someone or somewhere. What is the point in only focusing on the bad stuff and not opening your eyes, smelling the coffee and seeing what’s really going on?

You should focus on the majority not the minority. If, as my (ex) columnist colleague Diane Lines says, she loves King’s Lynn, why would she write a column with such blinkered opinion? It could’ve only sparked bad press for the town I live in and am proud of, and it did. From where I sit, the people of Lynn are kind-hearted, generous and thoughtful and they go out of their way to help others who are less fortunate than themselves, regardless of their own circumstances.

These rude people she writes about have helped me help children in hospital, in care, youngsters without parents, they’ve helped families who are down on their luck and so much more. Every year for the past 16 I’ve collected thousands of toys and chocolate eggs, had thousands of pounds donated by local listeners to pay for chemotherapy chairs at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, items replaced and replenished and even just last month a young lad was donated his lost birthday money by one generous business owner in town. Perhaps these people were drunk and didn’t give the cash because they are genuinely nice.

I believe you only find these people who pee in the street and swear at you if you go out and look for them, or choose to live on a street which has nightclubs, pubs and fast food restaurants. Norfolk Street is no different to any other street in any other town at 2am!

As for blaming the youngsters. I’m sure it would be more productive to highlight those that do well, like the youngsters I’ve met hosting the Young Hero Awards with the mayor at the Town Hall. That amazing historic room was full of teenagers who had all made a difference to someone else. These were young adults and children who have been looking after their parents, youngsters who go out of their way to raise money for others and young adults who really care about our community.

Diane also says she can’t even stroll through the Walks without seeing someone spitting or having sex. I’ve spent many a sunny afternoon picnicking with my wife, playing football with the kids and enjoying the Walks for what it is and have never seen anything of the sort! Perhaps it’s because, unlike her, I’m not negative.