KL.FM Off-Air by Simon Rowe, September 15, 2015

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You don’t know how much that means to me.”. Those were the words from the winner of KLFM’s Secret Sound.

What can I say apart from a massive “thank you” for the generosity of listeners to KLFM.

On Monday something amazing happened my KLFM breakfast show. It all began on Friday evening when Ann called to play the Secret Sound, this is our competition to identify a sound and win money, her guess turned out to be a good one and meant that she had won£400. The sound incase you missed it by the way was a plug being pushed in to its wall socket. After her win Ann went on to say how much the money to meant to her, but as it wasn’t on my show I thought it would be nice to say “Hi”, find out what she was going to do with the cash and to learn more about the significance of winning.

I was never expecting her to say what she did! Ann told me how the money would be used to buy a gravestone for her baby that passed away last year. As you can imagine this stopped me in my tracks, it bought a lump to my throat and to everyone that was listening, too.

I knew in my mind that the winnings should be for her and her young family, as it turned out so did listeners to the show, too. Ann’s heartbreaking call generated a flurry of calls, texts, tweets, Facebook messages, emails and knocks on the door offering help. Within seconds donations had started pouring in to pay for the headstone meaning that she could use the £400 on her three children and towards Christmas.

One week on and we are now having to refuse any more offers as the total has reached in excess of £1000! This act of human kindness has meant a complete stranger to the people who were amazing and generous with their donations will not have to worry about the important job she had to do.

I can’t thank KL.FM’s listeners enough for making such a positive difference to Ann and her family’s life and for helping her in such a difficult time. She is completely humbled, blown away and lost for words at all of this and is also beyond grateful.

It really truly has been an amazing few days at KLFM and I’m so proud that I’m able to work on a radio station that embraces this kind of activity which can truly change peoples lives. I’m meeting Ann and the children very soon and can’t wait to hand over that cheque for £400 along with the money donated to help her.

If you’d like to hear how everything unfolded on the show please go to KLFM967.co.uk and click KLFM Breakfast with Si. It’s a truly heartwarming story, but be warned you may need a tissue to listen to the whole thing.