KL.FM Off-Air: Charles Dennett, December 30, 2014

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Well, I suppose I should take this opportunity to wish you a very happy new year from everyone here at KL.FM!

We really do hope you lot have a fab few days, right through until it is time to get back to normality.

Now I’m not about to sit here and write about how much of a pain it is to work at an amazing radio station like KL.FM at this time of year, but all I will say is that it is a very VERY busy time for us. First, our esteemed leader in all things programming, Adam Newstead, has been pretty absent from the KL.FM studios as he takes part in the panto over at the Corn Exchange. Clearly, it’s huge for us as a station to be involved so massively in such an important local event, and we’re lucky that we’re able to.

We’ve also been collecting toys for KL.FM’s Toy Appeal. Ryan, Si and Jake, have all been out with Super Trooper Bear at supermarkets across West Norfolk and Wisbech present wrangling for children far less fortunate than the rest of us. It’s a lot of work, but I can tell you right now that we ALL think it is worth it for the joy it brings. I have to say that I haven’t been at KL.FM all that long, and I am not going to take the credit for a lot of hard work by our presenters, but I was overwhelmed with the generosity of our listeners.

On a number of occasions I answered the door at KL.FM Towers to people who had missed the guys at the supermarket and wanted to drop toys off in person. I work in news, which day to day can be pretty grim with a lot of focus on bad things, so it was very nice for me to see that there are some seriously nice people out there. Times are still tough for a lot of people and the kindness of people to think of those less fortunate is remarkable.

Another December highlight was the Young Hero Awards. We broadcast the awards live and as with the Toy Appeal, it was truly humbling. As I

mentioned, working in news, you can develop a very cynical and hard edged outlook on the world, and young people in particular can get caught up in the firing line. But the Young Heroes reminded me that was there are some very special children and teenagers out there. Fun was had, and tears were shed, even by some very big and serious men.