KL.FM Off Air: December 23, 2014: Hope at Christmas

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It’s been a busy couple of weeks for us here at KL.FM News. The festive season takes on a different tone in news as it brings about a whole bunch of stories, not all of them good.

I’m sure you’ll have seen it reported that domestic violence against both men and women goes up around Christmas, the flu season will be underway and our hospital wards will be groaning at the seams, while our ambulance crews will be working hard to get to

everyone who needs them.

Thieves will steal Christmas presents, fires will break out, people will be homeless, the Samaritans will see a spike in calls and, of course, people will have (“just one, because I know my limits”) drink, get in their car, and drive it into another person, or a solid object.

These things happen every year and for journalists it can be an inevitable part of the run up to Christmas, and yet, there is hope. I hope, as I’m sure every journalist hopes, that by talking about it on air, we raise people’s awareness of the issues, and help to reduce the bad things in life. Even by only a little bit.

In the end, whether you celebrate Christmas, any of the other religious festivals, or even the much older midwinter feasts, they are all about hope. The end of December marks the beginning of the darkness before the dawn. We stock our larders, we see our relatives, we laugh and love. We look into the oncoming winter months and we tell each other that it’s going to be OK.

My husband is one of the many shift workers who will be sleeping / working through Christmas itself so we had our Christmas with family up north last week. We had everything, including the obligatory argument, slightly inappropriate jokes from Grandad and a three-year old who would NOT SHUT UP about Olaf from Frozen. It was blissful and we loved it.

There is always goodness in the world if you look for it, and a really wonderful example of that was the Young Hero Awards which KLFM hosted on Friday. A whole host of inspiring young people told us their stories and were rewarded for their hard work, or for overcoming the challenges they faced. It’s fast becoming one of our favourite annual events, despite us all getting a little bit emotional at times when hearing some of the heart-breaking tales that are read out.

Looking ahead to the New Year, things are about to get very political for myself and Charles. The General Election campaign will kick off as soon as the hangovers are over with. We’re going to be speaking to candidates, but mostly talking to our listeners finding out what matters to YOU before you make your vote. Get your thinking caps on.

But for now, from myself and all the team here at KLFM, have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.