KL.FM Off Air, January 6, 2015: Heroes are so inspiring

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Welcome to 2015 from ‘the hair’! As I write this I have been reflecting on what has been a pretty special year for the station and I. I think back to January in 2014 where there was no beard on my face and I was still reading the news at KL.FM, I think we all tend to live life at a thousand miles per hour without realising how much we have achieved or been through. This year a lot has happened! I start January of 2015 with a very large beard that is now nearly 10 months old and I am a producer and presenter at a wonderful radio station. Pretty awesome, I think you will agree.

You may not have bothered setting yourself a New Year resolution as you think there are a waste of time but what they do is make you reflect on what you is happening in your world and how you want to progress.

I hope that come this time next year I will be able to tell you that it has been another year of success for the station but topping a year where we were named the best radio station in East Anglia for the fourth year running and knowing that more people than ever are listening to the Adam Newstead Breakfast Show (of which I take a lot of the credit) will be hard to top.

One of my roles is to organise some of our events. Just before Christmas we hosted the Young Hero awards, where we recognise and reward some very special young people from our community. This was the first event that I had organised and I have to say it was very stressful but when it all came together on the day there was a smile etched across my face.

If you organise events for a living I doff my cap to you! I have to say though that being part of reading the nominations and meeting the families of the winners and the winners themselves was incredibly humbling.

We all hear these stories of what troubles people have but never stop to acknowledge that these people are living on our doorstep and that we just haven’t stopped to notice because they rarely ask for help. Watching the reaction of the families of the winners and the other people in the town hall when each award was handed out is something that won’t ever leave me.