KL.FM Off Air, November 3, 2015

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We’ve hit 1,000 Selfies, only another 9,000 to go! Have you seen me roaming roaming around West Norfolk with my Selfie Stick and that giant cardboard frame? It’s not like you could miss me, inconspicuous I’m not!

Back in August I was presented with a task to meet 10,000 people and persuade them to let me take a Selfie with then. it seemed like an impossible task, especially when you broke down the maths. To take 10,000 selfies in a year I’ll need to take 27 selfies a day for an entire year. That’s more than one an hour every hour, not allowing for work, eating, sleeping, family time or anything else. Obviously some days bring more selfies than others, but I don’t mind as despite the mammoth target, for me this challenge is more about meeting listeners old and new, finding out about them and seeing what’s really happening in our community while helping charitable organisations, getting my hands dirty and making difference in anyway I can.

I am just over two months in to my quest and have had the most amazing experiences already, helped countless charities and met some terrific people whilst of course taking Selfies at every opportunity along the way.

Highlights have included joining Mr Fipps Wonder Circus where despite every single sense in my body and brain I performed in the ring and found myself eating fire and laying on bed of nails, not at the same time but even so. Sticking with the fire theme after a visit to the Norfolk Hospice Tapping House in Hillington I took it upon myself to take part in a fund raising Firewalk at Gayton Social club to raise awareness and money for them, this again was a million miles outside of my comfort zone. To help the Lavender Hill Mob who are an all inclusive theatre company I’ve joined the cast of their Panto, I’m staring in “Searching for Santa” at the Alive Corn Exchange from November 17th.

I hosted a coffee morning for Macmillan in the studio and even made the cakes myself after spending the morning with BB’s Coffee & Muffins. I’ve presented iPads to every pupil at Howard Junior School, presented an inspirational talk to the children at Clenchwarton Primary and this weekend will be helping Booklife in King’s Lynn raise money for the Breast Cancer Care Unit at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

I’ve also been lucky enough to take a spin a real DeLorean for Back to the Future Day, host a charity evening for the Mayor of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk and so much more.

There is such a long way to go and I’m sure so many more superb charities and organisations I can help along the way but If you’d like to be part of my 10,000 Selfie journey visit klfm967.co.uk to find out more. One of the 10,000 selfies will win an iPad so what have you got to lose?

Finally I’d just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who listens to the station and my show, since taking over the Breakfast Show in April the audience has continued to grow, this makes me and my bosses very happy. I love being able to make a difference to people’s lives and it’s great to know that actually there are thousands of people, in fact thousands of new listeners too tuning in to hear it happen.