KL.FM Off Air, September 1, 2015: Spinning back to fitness

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I’ve gone a bit fat. There, I’ve said it.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not actually fat. I’ve just grown sideways a little and I’ve only got myself to blame. I’m a big cycling fan but having just moved in to a one bed flat in King’s Lynn, I have nowhere to keep a bike. Combine that with the fact I have moved to Norfolk Street and so when I walk home I walk through a cloud of take-away smells and I’m much more weak than I thought I was (one particular take-away’s chicken shish kebab is divine.)

Any tips?

I mentioned this on-air and was tipped off about a special herbal detox tea. But I like my tea with biscuits so I’m not sure that’s going to work. What does work is drinking more water! Top tip – stay hydrated to lose weight. I mean, you can’t put Pizza Hut out of business after one trip to a buffet, then drink a bottle of water and think it cancels it out. Water though is key to losing weight, although you do find yourself popping to the loo more than is perhaps convenient.

What I don’t understand though is this, and apologies if it seems preachy, but I’m now at that stage where my clothes barely fit. So I know it’s time to make a change. How do people keep going? I can’t afford to buy a new wardrobe of clothes! Literally my work shirts have gaps in between the buttons because they are now so tight. That alone has proven incentive enough to make a change. Not being able to move in my shirt was the wake up call I needed.

I got back on the bike, albeit one that didn’t go anywhere. A spin class is a bunch of stationary bikes in a room with loud music on and someone shouting at you to pedal harder and/or faster. It is exhausting. I’ve not produced that much sweat since sitting in the studio chair at KL.FM waiting to do my first show. At the time I couldn’t wait for it to finish (this spin class, not my show) and I hated the instructor for making my life hard. However the next day I felt AMAZING. Exercise feels good, it really does. No seriously, it does. Honest.

That does though remind me of the very funny quote from Joan Rivers…”the first time I see a jogger smiling, I’ll consider giving it a go”. Fair point.

So, if you see a chubby man plodding around The Walks sweating profusely, it could well be me so please say hello (not that I’ll be able to speak and say hello back. Don’t think I’m rude).