KLFM Off-Air, by Charles Dennett, April 12, 2016

Charles Dennett KL.FM presenter ANL-150313-143540001
Charles Dennett KL.FM presenter ANL-150313-143540001
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KLFM’s first ever 90s night was at the Corn Exchange on April 1st and it was undoubtedly one of the best events we’ve ever held. It was a sell-out, with over 700 people descending in various forms of fancy dress to have themselves an amazing night celebrating everyone’s favourite cheesiest decade.

Whilst we’ve been promoting the event since January, it wasn’t until I was actually stood in the Corn Exchange listening to the amazing music that I realised quite how good the 90s really is. I believe that it’s very often overlooked by its slightly sexier, racy and undoubtedly well-loved older brother, the 80s.

But I believe the 90s has way more to offer in terms of music genres, and that was certainly on show at Nothing But The 90s. Hip hop, dance, grunge, cheesy pop and Britpop all blasting out. DJ sets from me and Simon Rowe, ably assisted by our Saturday morning presenter and Town Centre Manager Alistair Cox.

Then, the main event really, our incredible Britpop band, Britpop Reunion. Believe me, when they finished their second 45 minute set of the evening with Common People by Pulp, it went crazy.

If you were there, all the photos are online to go and take a look at. Feel free to share and tag yourselves to your heart’s content. Thanks so much for making the night such a success.

While all the excitement of Nothing But The 90s was building, our news team were busy interviewing local figures to get their take on a move from King’s Lynn to Queen’s Lynn. It was an April Fool of course, the brainchild of our Ross Birkenshaw. But, I must say, despite being slightly obvious, there was a beautiful moment when a lot our listeners paused and said “That’s not actually the stupidest thing that I’ve heard…”

The idea was that we would celebrate the 90th birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by renaming King’s Lynn to honour our monarch. Cue calls to the station howling about how much it was going to cost to change all the road signs… Most though thought, whilst a joke, it would be an amazing touch by the town to recognise a family that has brought us a lot over the years via the close links with Sandringham. Maybe one for the council to take seriously?

April means spring is officially here, which for me meant that I ought to actually take my training seriously for GEAR. I’ve started running again, the first time seriously in about three years. So far, it’s not too bad, but I still think I might struggle on the day. If you’re a jogger and you see a panting blonde lumbering mass on the horizon stumbling along then feel free to give me a wide birth.

To coincide with the run on 1st May, I’m also jumping out of a plane for the Mayor’s Charity that week too. I’m raising money for Bridge For Heroes, so if you want to help me visit our website.

Right, back to the training! Urgh.