KLFM Off Air, by Darren Taylor, February 16, 2016

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Regular readers will know that for the last four years I’ve been hopelessly in love. Properly smitten, genuinely head over heels. The subject of this affection can be smelly and naughty. He snores, often tries to steal food from my plate and he makes a terrible noise when the postman comes to my house. His favourite thing is chasing an old tennis ball around the Walks. He is, of course, my dog Stanley. I’ve had dogs in my life for more than 20 years (and cats for even longer), but no pet has ever quite captured my heart like Stanley.

Stanley’s the reason I’ve been so keen that KL.FM does something this year to help rehome pets in our area. Right now on the KL.FM website we’re profiling dozens of animals that are looking for a new home in and around West Norfolk. We’ve partnered up with a number of local animal shelters for ‘Pet Rescue’ and I’m delighted that we’ve already played a part in helping to rehome some of them.

If you heard Simon Rowe’s breakfast show last week you might have heard him talking to Teresa about her new dog Stoker who she rehomed from the RSPA centre at Eau Brink. Teresa got in touch about re-homing a dog after she heard the Pet Rescue campaign and I’m sure that Stoker will give her years of fun. Taking on the responsibility of a pet isn’t for everyone of course, but if you’ve ever thought about why not have a look at the KL.FM website and see if there’s a pet waiting for you.

Away from pets, the mart is back in town which means spring can’t be far away. I know there’s a widespread King’s Lynn belief that the mart always brings cold weather and snow, but I’m not so sure. For me it means we’re getting much closer to clocks going forward, lighter evenings and warmer weather. As far as I care, it can snow all week because we’re now just a few weeks away from it not being dark when I get home. Happy days.

Finally for now, the latest UK radio listening figures were published last week and we’ve been celebrating at KL.FM after recording 
the highest audience numbers anyone can remember with over 60,000 of you tuning in each week. This is a 
simply amazing performance and I’d like to place on record my thanks to everyone at 
the station, but most especially I’d like to acknowledge 
the huge effort and hard work that I see every day from everyone in the programming 

Thanks, guys.