KLFM Off Air, by Simon Rowe, September 27, 2016

KLFM's Simon Rowe. ENGANL00120130802122222
KLFM's Simon Rowe. ENGANL00120130802122222

As my 18th anniversary of working at KL.FM approaches on October 1st I’m proud to say I really have something to celebrate my years at the station,, even if it doesn’t go any further than what I’m to write about.

On Monday last week the entire KL.FM team sat down in front of the tele to watch the award nominations for the Radio Industry. You may remember KL.FM won UK Radio Station of the Year two years running a few years ago in the Sony Awards, well the ARIAS as they are known are the same event with a new sponsor. To my shock as Scot Mills from Radio 1 announced the UK’s Best Local Breakfast Show award nominees, my name appeared on the screen alongside some of the best breakfast presenters in the country. I spent most of the day in shock and disbelief after that, but by the time my wife got in from work to talk about it I really was bouncing of the walls. Radio is all I’ve wanted to do, it’s what I love and thoroughly enjoy doing, to be recognised by a panel of industry experts with years of experience on and off the air at some of the country’s biggest radio stations is very special. To put the awards into context the ARIAS to world of the Radio are what the BAFTA’s are to TV and the OSCARS to the movie world. The glitzy ceremony takes place in Leeds next month and will be attended by some of the biggest names in radio, celebs from all walks of life along with many household names performing for the black tied audience. Already on the bill performing at the event are the Kaiser Chiefs and Rick Astley amongst others.

To be nominated for the award I had to create a compilation of the best bits from the show from between July 2015 and July 2016 along with a submission of 30 minutes of the show as it was broadcast on a date and time chosen by the judges. It’s the content on those mp3s that impressed the judges, content that was generated by listeners to my show, my part in all of this was merely piecing it together. If it wasn’t for the amazing people that tune in every day, the listeners who take part, get in touch, call the show and allow me to jump into their lives this honestly really wouldn’t have happened. I pride myself on being embedded in our community and to be able to be part of it and to be so well received is something I’m very grateful for.

One of KLFM’s big ideas is to be more than just a radio station that plays songs, but to change people’s lives and I think it’s this reason that my entry stood out. I can’t thank you enough for listening and I can’t begin to tell you how much I’m buzzing about this nomination.

What will be amazing regardless of what happens on the night will be the amazing Selfie opportunities the awards will bring. On previous nights like this I’ve met Elton John, Rod Stewart, Mel C, Emma Bunton, John Craven minus his Newsround sweater and even someone called Chris Evans who apparently also does a breakfast show, I wouldn’t know.

Wish me luck!