KLFM, Off Air, Tuesday, August 23, by Simon Rowe

There’s less than three weeks to go until one of my favourite nights of the year, on Friday 9th September at the Alive Corn Exchange I along with the KL.FM team will be getting on our glad rags ready to party at KL.FM’s Back To The Eighties. I love getting on stage and prancing about like an idiot, playing party tunes and dressing up and on this night over the past three years that’s exactly what I’ve done. I think it’s important to make the effort on a night like this and I’m pleased to say most of 2,000 people who’ve attended over the years have, it’s always so colourful and nostalgic, the outfits and costumes have been amazing. You may have seen me as Bananaman and a Ghostbuster amongst other 80’s legends, this year I’m thinking of attending in ‘Double Denim’ as one of my favourite pop stars growing up, have you guessed who it might be yet? Sad as it is I used to love Shaking Stevens, but can I find a Denim Jacket in the charity shops. I’m guessing it’s not because no one wants one but because there are hundreds of people also attending as Shaky, perhaps not.

If you’d like to party too, maybe let your hair down after the long school Summer Holiday you can book tickets for only £11 from the Alive Corn Exchange Box office now.

One of my other 80’s hero’s was Pat Sharp, I grew up listening to him on the radio and also loved the Fun House on CITV, it is part in fact down to Pat that I chose a career in radio so when he agreed to come on my show last Friday I was more than happy. If anyone knows anything about the 80’s it’s PatMan, he lived and breathed it, however I tested his knowledge of the decade of decadence with a special eighties One Thousand Pound Minute and you can hear how he did by visiting my blog at klfm967.co.uk/blogs/simonrowe/.

Make sure you are listening to my show this Friday as I’ll have another special guest on the £1,000 Minute, more Eighties fun and best of all more FREE tickets to come to KL.FM’s party.

I will of course be armed with my Selfie Stick on the night adding to my collection, the quest to reach 10,000 Selfies is almost over, the tally is over 8,100 now and this night will certainly boost my statistics. I should say thanks for all the invites which continue to come in every day, not only while I’m at KLFM, but also walking my dog, the other day someone attempted to swim across the river to get one, I stopped them before they finished taking their shoes and socks off!

So if I don’t see you at Back To The Eighties, perhaps we will catch up around West Norfolk at a charity event or possibly even one of my discos.