Labour candidates join GEAR race to back West Lynn crossing appeal

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Two more election candidates have joined the race to help a West Norfolk community raise the cash it needs to build a new pedestrian crossing in their area.

Jo Rust, Labour’s North West Norfolk general election candidate, and Gary McGuinness, a councillor for South and West Lynn, will run the Grand East Anglia Run (GEAR) in May.

Councillor Gary McGuinness getting fit at 'Bodyworks Gym' at Lynnsport. ENGANL00120130502174342

Councillor Gary McGuinness getting fit at 'Bodyworks Gym' at Lynnsport. ENGANL00120130502174342

The duo are taking part in the 10 kilometre race to support the Safe Crossing for Poppyfields campaign at West Lynn, which is raising funds for improved safety measures on Clenchwarton Road.

Mrs Rust said: “When you have local issues that are of concern to people in our area, however we can raise awareness or funds for it, you have to take those opportunities.

“I have been running GEAR for several years now. I usually run it for Red Wellies, but I think Poppyfields is an important issue.”

The campaign for a new crossing took off after a girl was injured in a collision with a car last October.

The appeal was launched last month after county council bosses indicated they could not fund the scheme as it was not a high enough priority.

Mr McGuinness said the appeal was the issue most commonly raised with him by West Lynn residents in recent weeks.

He said he was particularly keen to help to raise funds as council rules mean that securing public money will be even more difficult there than in other parts of the borough.

He explained that, because West Lynn does not have a parish council, the county council would not provide funding to match the amount raised from other sources, as would happen in areas with a parish authority.

He said: “It’s an obstacle that people across King’s Lynn face but particularly here in this case.”

Mrs Rust and Mr McGuinness are running GEAR alongside the Green Party’s election candidate, Michael de Whalley.

A website has now been launched for supporters to back the campaign and business leaders are also being encouraged to support the appeal, following a donation by the nearby McDonalds franchise last month.

Donations can be made online by visiting www.gofund