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Lack of bins causes problems in Gaywood

By Lynn News Reporter

A freelance environmental educator has expressed her concern at litter problems near a Gaywood school.

Adele Powell, a former research development coordinator and education programme manager at Earthwatch, said she encountered litter problems near Springwood High School when walking her dog after recently relocating to Lynn.

A lack of bins in the area near Spring Lane and Gayton Road running all the way down to Gayton river is causing a “bottleneck effect of litter” according to Miss Powell.

Adele Powell after collectin four bags of litter, which were collected by the borough council (6557096)
Adele Powell after collectin four bags of litter, which were collected by the borough council (6557096)

She reported the litter to the borough council which has logged a report on the issue.

The River Trust, local Green Party MP and parish council have also been contacted.

The parish council will put forward the case to the Highways department of the county council who are responsible for installing bins.

And after Mrs Powell collected four bags of litter in the area, the council collected these from her.

Miss Powell said: “Litter is blowing through the school gates along the ditch and it is a real mess.

“It upset, angered and frustrated me because of the state of the place.

“Change can only happen by partnerships and working together to see if we can come to a resolution for this.”

Miss Powell said she is happy to go into the school to give an educational talk on litter, but she added the pupils are not to be blamed because of a lack of bins being provided.

She continued: “This is an environmental issue threatening wildlife but is also affecting long term health.

“There is enough talk about raising awareness, but too little action being taken.”

A member of staff from Springwood High said the school are aware of the issue and, on-site they have a regular litter-picker, as well as bins dotted around the school grounds.

Miss Powell has advised the school to put up mesh along the fence to help prevent litter blowing onto the footpath, and she has been encouraged to send the suggestion and overall case to the site team.

Earthwatch, where Miss Powell previously worked, is a charity that seeks to engage people worldwide in environmental citizen science research and education.

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