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'Landline? I only use it to find my lost mobile!' - King's Lynn residents are ditching their home phones

A survey reveals that the use of landlines has fallen dramatically in recent years, with five million households in the UK now using a mobile instead.

According to Uswitch, one of Britain’s top comparison sites, there has been a drop in home-phone usage since the start of the millennium, with 35 per cent of those surveyed admitting their reason for having a landline was that “it is necessary for broadband connection”.

And 52 per cent of 18-24 years olds do not have a landline compared to 95 per cent of over 65’s who do.

A large reason for this is nuisance callers, which according to 22 per cent of those surveyed is the “main reason” for not picking up landline calls.

The Lynn News asked its readers if they use their home phones.

Some rely on their landline device for signal and others use it to keep in touch with elderly relatives.

Alison Carter says: “Never for outbound calls. The only reason we keep it is if elderly relatives call.”

Susan Sisk said: “I do, only because I can hear better than on my mobile phone. I have a call blocker on there so I know if it’s someone I know and love instead of a scam caller.”

Hilary Gostling said: “I rely on it as the mobile signal from all the providers is abysmal here. We have to stream our mobiles through our internet booster to use them at all.”

Others do not use their landlines anymore because of scam callers, in line with the findings of the Uswitch survey.

Colleen Walters said:”Haven’t got one any more so no nuisance calls.”

Sammy Nelson said:”The only thing plugged into our landline is the wifi.”

Paul Flanagan said:”No, chucked ours in the bin as too many scam calls.”

One Facebook user humorously admitted that the only reason they use their landline device is to call their mobile to find it within the house!

Nick Baker, telecoms expert at Uswitch said: “Nuisance calls have been a problem on landlines for years.”

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