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Downham Market man Jay Evans launches business with aims to improve mental wellbeing in the workplace

After suffering from poor mental health himself, a Downham man has opened up a business to help workplaces look after their colleagues.

Mental well-being is an important topic for Jay Evans, who is launching a strategy service for businesses across the country.

He aims to improve mental well-being in the workplace and reduce stress and burnout among colleagues and said the reporting of his mental health collapse in 2019 when he was reported missing triggered him to work and develop his service.

Jay Evans has launched his business One Brick Communications
Jay Evans has launched his business One Brick Communications

Jay has officially launched his company, One Brick Communications, to help companies across the country.

Jay said: “As someone who suffers from mental ill health and consistently fights to maintain my mental well-being, I have seen first-hand how well - and how badly - prepared businesses are when considering provisions to support their colleagues.

“When considering workplace mental wellbeing, you need to be aware of many factors, but fundamentally, a strategy must encompass various unique individuals.

“We will all handle situations differently, so there will never be a one-size-fits-all approach to providing mental well-being support in the workplace.

“But that is not to say a strategy cannot be flexible enough to have the widest possible impact on positive mental well-being. It is just a little overwhelming if you have no experience of poor mental health and have no idea where to start.”

Jay decided he could use his expertise to help businesses understand the needs of their teams, their company and themselves to deliver a culture that promotes positive mental well-being after his own experience with mental health within a number of organisations across the country.

He pointed to recent reports that nearly half of all workers suffer from burnout, poor mental health and stress in the workplace. This is thought to cost the UK £28million a year.

Jay added: “I am not a mental health expert or a trained psychologist, but I know plenty.

“I am a business strategist and consultant of many years who happens to have lived experience of poor mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

“I have had support from some incredible people, organisations and charities over my life and career, and this is my chance to combine my experience and connections for the better good and the well-being of workplaces across the country.”

One Brick will provide independent consultation and assessments and deliver suggestions and advice specific to a business.

Jay said: “After speaking at events and meeting many business leaders and HR teams, I noticed some themes emerging.

“When considering mental health support, they sought an ‘off the shelf’ package that they hoped would deliver the results they desired.

“While commendable, it isn't very likely to have the impact they would have hoped for and could cost them dearly.”

He added: “There also wasn’t anyone providing external, independent consultancy and suggesting workplace strategies either, so businesses had nowhere to turn.

“After consulting with my network and speaking to charities, experts and campaigners, I decided that is what I would do.”

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