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King's Lynn kiln demolition is wanton act of destruction, Lynn News letters

As the borough council has owned the brick kiln since 1931, it is totally responsible for letting the kiln fall into such a state of decay.

The borough put £3.75 million of public money into the office space next door, the Innovation Centre, but neglects the town’s heritage.

The Conservative administration flouted the law getting the demolition order through the borough’s planning committee.

Brick kiln at South Lynn (15790774)
Brick kiln at South Lynn (15790774)

Leader Brian Long says he wants to knock down the kiln because of safety concerns.

But the Town and Country Planning Order 2015 doesn’t allow demolition if the owner has let it fall into an unsafe state due to neglect.

Demolition is against the National Policy Planning Framework, which says where there is evidence of deliberate neglect of, or damage to, a heritage asset, the deteriorated state of the heritage asset should not be taken into account in any decision.

I called the matter in to the borough’s planning committee and regeneration panel.

The borough must halt the demolition now and order the repairs instead.

This is, after all, about trust. Where is the trust now in local politics?

Cllr Alexandra Kemp

County Councillor Clenchwarton and King’s Lynn South

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