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Less time for questions at Norfolk County Council meetings, Lynn News letters

But under the committee system, there was ten minutes for questions to each of the seven chairs – a total of 70 minutes. See page 50 in the April council agenda.

Conservatives promised more accountability when they introduced the new cabinet system in May, where all the decisions are made by just ten cabinet members, instead of all 84 members.

They said there would be more scrutiny. But now we see there is much less.

Norfolk County Council's headquarters
Norfolk County Council's headquarters

Who decided this massive reduction in question time? No-one was consulted.

This is a shocking reduction of over 50 per cent in the time for public scrutiny of the county council’s real decision-makers at full council.

It needs to be changed back to ten minutes each.

If cabinet members only answer half the question, they should only have half the allowances.

Cllr Alexandra Kemp

County Councillor Clenchwarton and Lynn South

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