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RAF Marham noise unwanted, Lynn News letters

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Years ago when the Victor tankers were based at Marham, along with my first wife, I lived in the village and worked actually on the camp and we hardly ever heard these take off compared to those things we have to endure over our home almost daily.

There is so much noise today, that there is many a time when we can’t hold a decent conversation or hear the radio, or callers on the phone and as if there is a one-way system and maximum height these must fly at when coming over.

Before anybody tries to remind me we need defence of our country, I served almost 13 years in the Territorial Army. Whenever I was ‘on camp’ we were always expected to respect those living within the camps, or the surrounding areas.

A pair of F35Bs at RAF Marham taxiing to the runway in January 2020.
A pair of F35Bs at RAF Marham taxiing to the runway in January 2020.

I have attempted to telephone RAF Marham only to get fobbed off, as far as I am concerned, with petty excuses, rather than listen to my inquiry. I have lived here now, ten years and refused a golden opportunity to move away again two years ago, because it would mean too far to travel back for us to attend various events we enjoy supporting here.

If an MP or some ‘celebrity’ were to complain, their routes would no doubt soon be changed. Please, give us residents peace, but also a lot more quiet.

Brian Baylis,


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