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Knights Hill, King's Lynn, homes plans is a 'callous over development', Lynn News letters

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This is rapidly losing its appeal to me and many others due to this unseemly race to build more houses in particular around, and within Lynn, detracting greatly from the appeal of my West Norfolk.

I note that there is to be a public enquiry into the site at Knights Hill where there is a proposal to build 600 new dwellings. I have also noted that the local authority has been told by central government that they need to build even more houses.

There seems to be no thought of where those who will be occupying those new builds will find employment. Will they all be driving off each morning to other areas for work, making a mockery of the suggestion that transport and infrastructure are not a factor in the proposed development?

Large Protest Poster in a Field just off the Grimston Road South Wootton, showing traffic at the Sandy Lane junction (7641744)
Large Protest Poster in a Field just off the Grimston Road South Wootton, showing traffic at the Sandy Lane junction (7641744)

As to the prospective public inquiry, I have long been concerned with the neutrality of these events. One inspector financed by central government, a single opinion! It would be much more effective and fairer to have a three-person panel.

The government has stated it aims to build 300,000 houses each year ad infinitum. Don’t we need to define somewhere a point to stop this headlong pursuit of house building of 300,000 per year? In ten years, that will be three million new dwellings equating conservatively to over four million cars and some seven-and-a-half million people, say nothing about the open countryside to be covered with houses roads and concrete.

The Knights Hill prospective development presents a problem that many people can predict, but it seems that the local authority is failing to appreciate. Six hundred dwellings are likely to generate at a conservative estimate of over 6,500 people and 1,200 cars, most entering and leaving the site every day.

A tremendous environmental impact. No doubt there will be a need to assess the site for environmental impact on flora and fauna. Likewise, that number of new people will have a great impact on those who already living here and it seems a strange conclusion that these aspects are to be ignored as not being of relevance to the site in question.

I am of the opinion that the Government has lost the plot and have all been instilled with the mantra (“build more houses”). I think the time has come for some different thinking and in particular to a more local approach, and control to planned development.

Why shouldn’t there be an opportunity for a local population to determine the development of their local area? Over the past years we have been subjected to inner city and rural thinking particularly in relation to the density of housing.

No differential seems to be regarded between urban and rural living or the impact on village and rural communities. Alice Colman’s “Subtopia” is becoming more apparent. To allow the 600 houses at Knights Hill will be another portion of Subtopia which will have to be lived with by those who will occupy the new houses together with the indigenous population whose lives will not be enhanced by this callous over development of this rural countryside.

Bryan Howling

Terrington St Clement

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