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Letter: Chris Kerry, Aug 25, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn.
Jeremy Corbyn.

May I thank Jo Rust from taking time off from her placard waving to answer some of the questions I asked of her.

Firstly, she denies that she reveres Corbyn. Very strange that. One would expect she would “respect and admire” her party leader whom she staunchly defends.

With regards to whether I need or want to read the communist manifesto. No. It is as outdated ( 1838) as the policies of the present Labour Party.Communism was firmly put to death when the Berlin Wall came down.

With regards to “rent a mob” after the Grenfell Tower tragedy, if they were residents or nearby neighbours why did they need to hide their faces behind masks and scarves? Would those people have protested the same in a Labour controlled area? No. The tragedy could have happened in in a Labour held area just as easily. It was a terrible, terrible accident. No blame game needed.

Jo tries to defend the indefensible with regards to Corbyn and the terrorist group the IRA. One example is his arrest for protesting about the arrest of five IRA members. One of them being P. Magee, who was convicted of murdering five people and sentenced to life.

He can be seen shaking hands with Gerry Adams and various other IRA members on old photos taken at the time of IRA bombing campaign.

Tuition fees – it is in the Labour manifesto “we will abolish tuition fees”. There is a huge difference from stating they “will” abolish fees to having what Jo calls “aspirations”.

Like the rest of the Labour manifesto, it was miles out on its costing. As some wit said “

“ socialism is great till the other person’s money runs out”.

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