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Parties are standing in the way of a general election, so much for ‘democracy’, Lynn News letters

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Note I don’t place the word 'democrat' after 'liberal'.

He is quoted as saying on the Supreme Court’s judgement, “a victory for democracy”.

So how does he intend to realistically represent the 68 per cent of the people who voted leave in West Norfolk?

Brexit (18277521)
Brexit (18277521)

If indeed he does believe in true democracy he would accept the result and not be trying to get a remain vote by shenanigans and obstructive measures that his party, and the momentum madmen in Labour, are carrying out.

We now have two of the three parties in West Norfolk supporting a Remain policy. So much for their idea of democracy.

The referendum was a straight Remain or Leave option. Leave won. It was much vaunted in the earlier days after the election that the result would be respected.

It has not been respected and it is Labour and Liberals who are the ones causing the divisions in society.

They talk of democracy but stand in the way of a general election.

Don’t give up the day job, Rob.

Chris Kerry

Castle Rising

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