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Does Sir Henry Bellingham MP have an aversion to his fellow UK citizens in Northern Ireland? Lynn News letters

Why did he vote in the Commons on July 9 to deny the basic human rights of abortion and same sex marriage to the UK citizens of Northern Ireland – despite these rights already being enshrined in law for the rest of the UK?

This is the same illustrious MP who, together with ex-remainer local Tory MP, Liz Truss, exhorted us to vote for Mrs May’s infamous Brexit sellout ‘withdrawal deal’ – which would have ceded economic and social control of Northern Ireland to the EU, and denied its people their rights as UK citizens, without so much as a by your leave.

Despite the proposed sellout of Northern Ireland to the EU in the document, he described the deal on his website, quite unbelievably, as “incredibly positive, and delivers on our promises to regain sovereignty”.

Does Henry Bellingham have an aversion tohis fellow UK citizens in Northern Ireland? Why does he want to deprive them of their basic human rights and indeed any say on the future sovereignty of their province?

Sir Henry Bellingham MP
Sir Henry Bellingham MP

And, in case he tries to argue that the basic human rights entitlement to abortion and same-sex marriage are matters for a Northern Island Assembly, assuming that any devolved regional assembly in the UK has the right to deny or grant UK citizens basic human rights) there isn’t one nownor is there likely to be one in the foreseeable future.

We await an explanation from Sir Henry for his actions.

Dan O’Connor


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