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Climate change: Let’s consider our food miles

He’s absolutely right that we all need to think about food miles when buying food. However, there is a great difference in the carbon footprint of food that comes by sea like bananas and, I think, melons, and food that is flown in. A government DEFRA study concluded that two tonnes of freight carried for 5,000km by a small container ship creates 150kg of CO2 compared to 6,605kg of CO2 if the freight is carried by plane for the same distance. Large boats seem to do rather less well but still much better than air.

Climate change. (6001097)
Climate change. (6001097)

There is a great little book by Mike Berners-Lee, son of the famous worldwide web creator, Tim Berners-Lee, entitled How Bad are Bananas? – The Carbon Footprint of Everything, which concludes they actually score well in these terms.

I must put up my hand as being guilty of organising the smoothie bike at Earth Day, with the aim of injecting some fun into the event while gently promoting cycling. The local supermarkets, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrison’s, were very generous in donating fruit, some of which might otherwise have gone to food waste.

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