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Honeymoon post General Election may not last, Lynn News letters

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But how long will the honeymoon period last?
With a majority of 80, five years in power will come about taking into account by election defeats in mid term unpopularity and backbench rebellions.

It will mainly hinge on the time taken to deliver Brexit in its entirety and the ultimate composition of the withdrawal from the EU.

The transition period leading to extrication, a tall order with barriers, will, depending on the intricacies and duration of negotiations, have the potential to drag on over a considerable period of time.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Tough bargaining will prolong matters whereas too many concessions would reduce the time period for getting out, something the Prime Minister must be alert to in his popularity ratings.
Whatever there is going to be a long period of turbulence and how long will public patience last?

If the country ends up with BRINO (Brexit In Name Only) Boris Johnson’s legacy could be TINO (Tory In Name Only) from an unforgiving electorate!

David Fleming,

Downham Market

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