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Hunstanton needs new promenade and groynes, Lynn News letters

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One of the first things it said needed doing is the replacing of 30 per cent of the groynes over four years.

All of the groynes on Hunstanton and Heacham beaches need replacing. No new groynes have been put up on these beaches since 1986. The groynes need to be taller and further out to sea and there needs to be more of them.

The report also said that rock armour (large boulders) need to be put in front of the cliffs. We get 708 tides coming in and out during the course of one year, only one third of these tides reach the cliffs.

Hunstanton beach. Hunstanton Cliffs. (27995584)
Hunstanton beach. Hunstanton Cliffs. (27995584)

There has been a few small rock falls over the years, the reason for these is the rainwater coming down from the top of the cliffs. If the green at the top had land drainpipes laid across them, it would stop most of this.

In 1864 there was a rock fall of 200 tons to the north of the lighthouse and it was said that the building would go over the cliffs within 50 years. That was about 156 years ago and it is still there.

It is also said in the report that cliff monitoring would cost £12,000 per annum. This sounds a ridiculous amount of money for a chap to walk up and down along the top of cliffs with a tape measure once a month.

It also states in this report the promenade needs resurfacing at a cost of £530,000.

Hunstanton needs a new promenade, not just patching up as it has done for many years.

One of the organisations who input into this plan was the National Farmers’ Union. Will this mean that they will be growing, sugar beet, barley and potatoes on the beach?

Dick Melton,

Sunny Hunny

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