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Claims about support for Nelson Quay in Lynn are meaningless, Lynn News letters

By Lynn News Reporter

How does the reported 34 per cent against the plans and 32 per cent for the plans demonstrate respondents' support for the Nelson Quay development? It does not.

Claiming that a further 34 per cent support the plans "to some extent" is no different from saying that 34 per cent did not support the plans to some extent and, in itself, is utterly meaningless.

The consultation gave space for people to give their views. To analyse these views accurately, the free text data would require qualitative analysis which is a time consuming and detailed process. I suspect this has not been done, but if it has it would be nice to see the report that council taxpayers have presumably paid for.

The South Quay, King's Lynn.. (6204034)
The South Quay, King's Lynn.. (6204034)

As it stands, even if we split the difference on that 34 per cent, it still works out that more respondents are against the development than for it. Clearly the council’s Conservative leaders have already made up their minds and are not going to let a silly thing like listening to local people get in the way.

I can’t say that I am impressed with the council leader’s ignorant comments either. For some reason, he seems to think that people who live in the area affected shouldn’t be able to express a view that differs from his own. He suggests that critics "ought to find something better to do with their time"! Protecting the town’s true historical and ecological heritage from those who would sell us off cheap seems to me to be an excellent use of time. Roll on the local elections.

Dr Deborah Holman


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