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Letter: E O’Dwyer, August 15, 2017

Launch of new trains at King's Lynn Railway Station
Launch of new trains at King's Lynn Railway Station

The year 2012 saw King’s Lynn railway station install ticket barriers, admist concerns from various groups including the Civic Society, who stated at the time that the closure of the side entrance would make it difficult for the elderly and those travelling with a disability.

A spokesman for the train company said the barriers were installed as part of a commitment to the Department for Transport and to help improve security at the station.

It also hoped that the barriers would help stop people travelling without a ticket and halt crime.

I don’t travel a great deal on the trains but enough to encourage me to write this letter.

At the weekend, I travelled to Ely from Lynn and the barriers were unattended on both the outward and the return journey.

My ticket remained in my purse all day having purchased it at Lynn.

I can only assume that the reasons given for the installation of the barriers in 2012 no longer apply, maybe there are no more fare dodgers and the world is a safer place.

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