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I have had two similar altercations, which led to threatening violent responses when walking around Bawsey Lake, one of Lynn’s most beautiful areas.

As a retiree in my late sixties it is second nature for my generation to confront unacceptable behaviour and to try and protect our wildlife. For Warren Jones being forced to wait over an hour, having been physically assaulted, for a police response after calling 999 is unacceptable and is probably a direct result of the cuts in police funding.

Former Leziate Lake View Park Entrance (2012765)
Former Leziate Lake View Park Entrance (2012765)

What it does is to make decent law-abiding citizens reluctant to get involved when they realize there is no official back-up out there. This leads to the thugs of this world taking control and these beauty spots becoming theirs and theirs alone.

Some years ago the Lynn News reported that Bawsey Lake had been bought by an individual with grandiose plans of turning this lovely area into a country park and had the full backing and support of the borough council. I don’t know what happened to those plans but nothing at all has been done and it is now, as it is with Leziate Lake, the domain of the feral thugs who spoil it for all. There is nothing truer than the saying “we get the society we deserve”.

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