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‘Viable’ means ‘profitable’ when talking about NHS, Lynn News letters

Dr Funnell, of Vida, gave the game away when, according to your report, he said “…its case for investment was not viable…”.

In NHS terms, surely “viable” means offering the best possible treatment to the greatest number of patients. It is hard not to feel that in the world of privatised medicine “viable” means “profitable”.

The crisis in the elderly care sector, too, is down to the closing of local government care homes by the Tories and ersatz Tory, Tony Blair. Ninety fiveper cent of them were in local government hands in 1993. Run-for-profit homes are supposed to replace them and we all see the horror stories about what happens to the “inmates” weekly. Aged 82, I’m terrified of being locked up in one.


Of course, Vida and similar organisations cannot be blamed for the shortage of GPs and nursing staff. This is a complex matter, as much I believe, to do with the loss of status, respect and other social matters as anything else.

But it is all part of the plan to undermine the NHS promoted by that smiling assassin, millionaire Jeremy Hunt.

Nye Bevan must be spinning in his grave.



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