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Bring on another Brexit vote, Lynn News letters

By Lynn News Reporter

However Messrs Vinehill and Larcey’s attack on her reminded me of the cackling of a couple of vultures and of how very nasty the left can be.

As ever driven by their fanatical socialist zeal they overlooked the probability that the terrible and disrespectful way the Europeans treated our representative will have convinced even more of us that many on the Continent still hate and envy the British as they have for centuries and the EU is not and never was for us.

So I say again – another referendum? Bring it on!

Brexit (3109764)
Brexit (3109764)

Then we have the Labour Party branch secretary peddling more speculation as fact. Why will leaving the EU have a detrimental effect on the NHS?As I understand it, there will be no difference in the employment of foreign medical staff and international drug companies will be happy to sell their products to us just as they do now. After all they are concerned with profits not politics.

Would that our politicians were in touch with the public – let alone the broadcast media dominated as it is by prosperousmiddle class“Hampstead Socialists”.

Edward Wheatley


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