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Hunstanton regeneration scheme should consider interest of townsfolk, Lynn News letters

I cannot discern what sort of train set these elderly schoolboys want. Is it a vintage puffer set up, all smoke and heritage? Or an ultra-modern monorail maglev?

Whichever, very few residents will ride on it even assuming there are any shops left in Lynn given the growth in internet shopping.

So I hope we local taxpayers will not be expected to pay for this self-aggrandizing folly.

Town sign.. (18383127)
Town sign.. (18383127)

As to the consultation for yet another Hunstanton Regeneration scheme, I hope neither members of the town council nor the civic society will take part as this will just add legitimacy to a cynical conspiracy.

The council will – as they always have – institute a scheme which will bring in as much income to the borough as is possible, regardless of the detrimental effect on our town.

Of course, neither they nor the majority of their electors live here in Hunstanton.

As I have mentioned before, when we first moved here there was a gentleman who regularly demanded “home rule” for Hunstanton.

He meant bringing back the old Urban District Council. How right he was. As housing estates ruin our local countryside on a daily basis and no additional infrastructure provision is made – let alone additional NHS services – how those making a fortune must be laughing in their villas abroad. Perhaps we should erect a gallows on the Redgate roundaboutto salute their “contribution” to the town.

Edward Wheatley


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