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Letter: Edward Wheatley Sept 5, 2017


Success at last! It is not often one feels one’s letters have an impact, but here we have Mr Larcey joining my call for us to “face the facts”.

But the one fact that he won’t accept is that he lost and there simply are no facts to support the Remainers’ position.

Mr Larcey is clearly getting desperate when he has to invoke “The Farmers” – the Left’s traditional Tory enemies.

And who else does he cite to support his latest disparaging views ? The British-hating, discredited, ex-President Obama and Waitrose – grocers to the champagne socialists.

He accuses Brexiteers of being blind to any independent research or reports. That is because there are none – certainly none that are truly “independent”.

And when it comes to not having a plan – his only plan is for nothing to change and we should go on filling up this country with foreigners who take our jobs, houses, school places and hospital appointments while we give billions away to the tax-avoiding Europeans. Just see how the EU does without our contribution. Why else do you think they want to extort an exorbitant “leaving fee”?

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