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Letter: Gerry Byrne, July 11, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn in Newark.
Jeremy Corbyn in Newark.

The letter from Paul Firmage (Lynn News, June 30) saying that Jeremy Corbyn was the great peacemaker of our age but was misunderstood, defies the facts.

During the 1980s and 1990s Corbyn supported the IRA and opposed the Northern Ireland Peace process, by voting against against the peace process and the Anglo-Ireland Agreement in Parliament . He believed Republican Nationalists should not have to compromise. He spoke at IRA commemorations in 1986 and 1992 where the theme was to get rid of the “scourge Imperialism , and force of arms is the only method to bring this about”.

Jeremy has supported Raed Salah and his anti-semitic views inciting hatred. He has invited Hamas and Hizbollah to Parliament, and their Charter is genocidal, and rules out peaceful solutions to the Israeli-Palestine problem.

As his right-hand man Corbyn has appointed Seumas Milne who wants a communist dictatorship on the lines of Stalin. He blames Russia’s invasion on the Ukraine on the West.

Corbyn suggested the Falkland Islands should be shared with Argentina despite the islanders voting 99.8% in favour of remaining British. These are a few facts, so please do not make him out as a peace seeker, by legitimate means.

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