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Letter: I Christie, August 4, 2017


I write to beseech us all to revise our thinking and to take back control, not of the sovereignty that we had never lost, but of sense and decency.

The game of life has rules that need to be respected if it is not to be ruined. Although it is generally a good atmosphere in which the game is played, some of the players seek to gain advantage by subterfuge or disparagement, perhaps spinning facts then transporting them through the rumour-mill, etc.

Obviously this is done to gain advantage on the scoreboard, and not be noticed. We have to recognise when we have been duped, and confront the situation if possible.

We need feel no shame nor embarrassment at self-perceived naivety, as most of us have experienced such scenarios, myself included. The important thing is to see the evidence and learn from our mistakes, reversing them where possible.

Last week on LBC Radio, Nigel Farage made an untrue statement about Article 50 that his station admitted was a lie, and immediately withdrew it. He has now built a haystack of lies, half-truths, and innuendos, intentionally to climb up the aforementioned scoreboard at the expense of those who thought the game was straight.Before the game is completely ruined, may I ask us all to reconsider the integrity of the evidence for the farcical situation in which we are now immersed, before some players angrily upturn the board and ruin the atmosphere for ever.

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