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Fresh honesty is required over Brexit and a further referendum, Lynn News letters

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It does more than illustrate a shallow definition of “Democracy”, but paradoxically outlines the reason for the division from which the country is now suffering.

David Cameron is credited with the notion that the referendum result would be “respected” and “binding”, but he was in no position to make such an announcement while democracy, then, as now, holds sway over dictatorship.

If we are to heal the appalling rift that currently blights our future, we have to abandon the sound bites and verbal bricks that constitute the walls between us. The Remain campaign was based on predictions, some of which were inaccurate, some that have not materialised, and some that have yet to be tested.

Brexit (18930904)
Brexit (18930904)

The Leave campaign and subsequent vote largely emanated from The Red Bus promise and the misleading refugee poster and accompanying warning of the imminent arrival of some 20 million Turks.

These original stances on both sides should now be relegated in the chain of argument, and replaced with a new honesty, as should the term “the will of the people” and its mendacious sibling of “what the country voted for”.

We have to be honest enough to admit that only 37 per cent of the country voted to leave, and very slightly less to remain.

Once we have embraced the new honesty we would more easily accept the imperative of a fresh referendum, this time based on all that we now know about the impact of the entire saga, for good or evil. The argument that “we have already voted” would be irrelevant because those voters are all invited to vote again.

I can see no respectable reason for voters from either side to object to the offer of a fresh vote, especially if this one is to be genuinely binding by law, unlike the original.

Then we could all respect the result enough to renew relationships to a level capable of tackling the task of improving the country in the many areas of national life that require urgent attention.

I. Christie


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