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I accompany my wife when she banks money during the week. No matter which day there are people queuing out of the door.

Barclays's argument that only 208 people solely use the branch is frivolous, as many Barclays customers who use the bank have their bank in other towns and cities and out of loyalty to that branch, do not change.

Barclays (2054724)
Barclays (2054724)

To them, as my wife whose bank branch is in Durham, Barclays is Barclays! I was going to change from the Co-op to Barclays; but ongoing hospital admissions and treatment has prevented me thus far. I’m pleased I have not done so.

In effect by carrying out such a move, Barclays, as with other large banks, demonstrate that they care not for the people they were set up for to assist. They are all liars and perhaps the next time Barclays puts a gooey, sugary advert in the newspapers, magazines, tv, radio, and cinemas, its disposed customers should sue them – as the truth outweighs the fantasy of their adverts.

James Allan


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