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Letter: Jo Rust, 28 July, 2017


I read with a wry smile the letter published in Friday’s Lynn News, July 14, from name and address supplied.

I believe that the author is refusing to acknowledge what is taking place in front of them. The NHS, well, STPs are being rolled out that will take more money out of our health services. This is factual. I have attended a Healthwatch meeting in Norwich which was clear about the need to save money, £160m worth. Our own CCG actually returned £3m of money it had “saved” by not spending on our health needs. Our own QEH is £23m in debt. And so to schools. The Springwood High School academy chain is making 15 redundancies across the patch. The very recently announced funding for schools is not new money, but money that will be taken from elsewhere in the education budget. Many headteachers have resorted to writing begging letters to parents, again, not the sign of an adequately funded education system. Many schools are going to see significantly less funding per pupil because of a new funding formula. The anonymous author goes on to claim that the £1bn for the DUP is good value. That’s £1bn that was uncosted and unforeseen from a party who claimed there was no magic money tree. As for Gordon Brown selling off gold reserves for peanuts, the gold was sold at the going rate. It’s a well known fact that the price of gold fluctuates. The writer then goes on to insult students, claiming they spend most of their time on protest marches. The use of cliched stereotypes demonstrates a lack of thought, insight and awareness.

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