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Letter: Jo Rust, August 15, 2017

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn with Jo Rust at King's Lynn Railway Station Saturday December 5th 2015
Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn with Jo Rust at King's Lynn Railway Station Saturday December 5th 2015

I’m perplexed to how Mr Kerry can claim to know I “revere” Jeremy Corbyn when the only times I actually refer to him are to correct mistakes, errors or misconceptions about him, the number one being, repeated again by Mr Kerry, that he’s a Marxist.

I stood as the Labour Party candidate here in North West Norfolk on a manifesto that offered so much hope to so many people.

But that wasn’t a Marxist manifesto, it was a manifesto that resembled a Nordic economic model, similar to those in countries like Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. It was more Keynesian than Marxist.

But I do have a copy of the Communist Manifesto, if Mr Kerry would like to read it and confirm my assertion (and before Mr Kerry gets carried away, it’s part of a Penguin box set bought when I was studying history at the local college).

In respect of John Mcdonnell’s comments after the Grenfell Tower disaster, he needs to be more specific, does he refer to the “social murder” comment or some other.

All I can say is that when people have died needlessly just to save a few pounds then there is justifiable and righteous anger at that.

The people Mr Kerry calls rent-a-mob were residents of that area, people who lived close by and who had lost friends and family, some of them were people who had escaped from the tower with nothing at all.

What happened at Grenfell is political, everything is political whether Mr Kerry can see it or not.

MPs are entitled to their opinion, but those who passed a vote of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn are all pretty quiet now, having seen him confound expectations in June’s election.

As for my leaflets, Jeremy wasn’t standing in this constituency, I was.

Hence the leaflets were about me, not him. There was no Labour lie about abolishing tuition fees, it was in our manifesto. Had we been elected, it would have happened. Perhaps Mr Kerry is getting confused about the aspiration articulated by Jeremy to wipe out student debt, but that was most certainly not in our manifesto.

In respect of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, if politicians have no understanding of why people are doing what they are doing, then there is no hope for finding a peaceful solution as did happen.

Corbyn most certainly did not support the bombing of innocent men, women and children, but he did articulate understanding of why certain groups felt as they did.

Mr Kerry might benefit from borrowing my Penguin box set, he might actually learn a thing or two, like why the Labour Party was set up; to be the voice of the labouring classes in Parliament when they had no voice.

Perhaps Mr Kerry should do some reasearch before he writes his next letter, just reading the Daily Mail doesn’t count.

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