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Letter: Jon Seymour, July 14, 2017

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In response to John Hawley (Lynn News, July 4), I would like to say that the sign on the checkout is to inform people that if they LOOK under 25 they will be asked to provide ID. The legal drinking age is still 18.

Secondly, I feel that young people, even those as young as 16, have as much, if not more, right to vote for their future than someone who has retired from working and has lived a long and full life, and no longer has to worry about things such as tuition fees, minimum wage or that much else. Democracy is a system that was devised to provide people with freedom of choice, and suggesting that the choice should be removed from those under 25 is draconian to say the least. By the same token we could suggest that anyone over the age of 80 no longer has a right to vote, as it’s likely that they will not live to see the long term effects that arise as a consequence of who they are voting for.

Both of these suggestions are, of course, ridiculous and shouldn’t be considered, but hopefully I’ve at least raised an interesting point.

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