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Letter: July 7, 2017, Dick Melton


In Tuesday’s Lynn News, June 27, Karen Kjolsen talks about the Seagate area of Hunstanton.

She mentions the dilapidated house, number 1, Seagate (Maudetta). I lived there in the 1960s when the building was let in two flats, a lovely big house was opposite called Beach House, demolished in 1967, and out of our living room window we could watch all the people enjoying themselves in the Blue Lagoon swimming pool that was also demolished in 1967. In those days Seagate was the hub of the town with the Kit-Kat public house (not a club) and the nearby boating lake.

About five years ago a lot of money was spent on Seagate and at the same time a lot of people asked for the Seagate slipway to be reinstated, which had been demolished in 1974. The whole of this area is a mess, but the southern end of Hunstanton, south of Park Road, is the forgotten end when it comes to spending money.

Repair work is due to start this week on the promenade at Hunstanton. The work will involve replacing worn or damaged seals between the concrete pads along the promenade.

Everybody knows we need a new promenade. The present one is well past its sell-by date, a new promenade would cost millions, but instead of messing about and titivating it up, the promenade should be resurfaced. This would last a lot longer and no doubt save money.

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