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Solar records broken daily, Lynn News Letters

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He may not be aware though, that the builders do have to meet energy efficiency standards for the house to signed off before someone can live there. It may be via an air source heat pump and extra insulation to reduce the amount of energy required to heat a home rather than solar panels.

What he will be pleased to hear is that Norfolk is one of the greenest counties and ranks sixth nationally for the amount of solar capacity installed.

The UK generates up to 27 per cent of its energy at times from solar and only last week, solar beat gas for the first time for a few hours in being the nation’s number one energy source.

Solar panels. (2972710)
Solar panels. (2972710)

Day after day we are seeing solar records being broken and if it was a little cooler, we would see more records being smashed as solar panels do not like heat, they like direct light hitting them. Heat is actually a resister to energy generation.

In the 11 years I have been in the solar industry, we have installed over 1,000 homes and businesses in West Norfolk and have made public declarations that we will turn Lynn into the UK’s greenest town. No idea if we’re there yet, but have no intention of stopping now.

Every solar system we install means we are less likely to end up in another oil war in the Middle East. Every system reduces the dirty fuel required from the National Grid and allows home owners to take back control of the energy they require to run a home without relying on cheap, dirty foreign imports.

Personally speaking, I save my excess solar energy in batteries and use that energy to run the house overnight or to charge the car up.

I do not have any electricity bills. The sun provides all the energy we require and until March next year, if anyone else wants solar panels, they will also be paid a feed-in tariff and receive money for generating electricity.

On top of the savings on people’s bills, solar is a winner. Free, abundant, clean, green energy.

Kevin Holland


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