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Nelson Quay proposals look negative for King's Lynn's future, Lynn News letters

By Lynn News Reporter

Buildings of up to six storeys high would block the only existing attractive approach view of the town – that from the south river bank and Harding’s Pits areas. Buildings of this height are completely at odds with the medieval aspects of the town and would, if allowed, become the new norm for planning applications.

Further, the whole rural green feel of the area would be destroyed, with buildings from the Nar bridge to almost the Wisbech Road. Most ludicrous of all is the proposed tall round building in the wedge between the river path and Harding’s Way, hard against the nature zone of Harding’s Pits. Interestingly, while it is proposed that green areas are gobbled up, the derelict site at the Green Quay grain silo is not included.

Exactly what the people of Lynn would get out of the building of luxury apartments to attract gentry from outside the town is hard to envisage.

The South Quay, King's Lynn.
The South Quay, King's Lynn.

As for the proposed commercial spaces, with many shops closing down in the more desirable central areas of the town it is difficult to see why retailers would want to locate at this particular site.

The few gew-gaws offered the public are worthless: for example a wetlands area (currently the Nar loop) is to be retained. However this would be changed to freshwater – no more than a pond in fact – with quite a different ecology.

The worst aspect is that several hundred extra residents' cars would be introduced, with all the implications for congestion and worst air quality that implies. According to the official line, these proposals bear no relation to opening up Harding’s Way to all traffic. Only a fool would believe that, with all the extra cars needing to get away from the new buildings.

If, like me, you love and value South Lynn as it is, I would urge you to contribute to the council consultation running to December 6.

You can go to www.west-norfolk.gov.uk/nelsonquay or write to Regeneration and Ecomomic Development, Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk, Chapel Street, King’s Lynn, PE30 1EX

Kevin Waddington


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